2012/2013 District Executive Committee Members
Ex Officio:
Bob Brown - District Chairman
Paul Grimshaw - District Secretary
Andrew Kerridge - District Treasurer
Neal Armiger - District Commissioner
Paul Kelly - District Explorer Leader Commissioner
Mark Turner - Network Leader

Shaun Barkley - Chair Selby Wood
Barry Steel - Chair Gang Show
Doug Mitchley - Chair Appointments Advisory Committee
Neil Robinson - Chair Spylaw
Sarah Wilson
Gerry Sothcott

Carol Worfell - ADC Beavers
Robbie Leese - ADC Cubs
Paul Capstick - ADC Activities
Stu Bennett - Media Development Manager
Les Blewitt - GSL Representitive

Chris Hobbs  - Deputy Explore Representitive
Philip Dunkley - Under 18 Representitive
Laura Shaw - Under 18 Representitive
“The District Executive Committee exists to support the District Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and to provide support for Scout Groups and Explorer Scout Units in the District.”
Executive Team Contacts
Bob Brown            District Chairman                 chairman@blythvalleyscouts.org.uk
Andrew Kerridge  District Treasurer                 treasurer@blythvalleyscouts.org.uk
Paul Grimshaw      District Secretary                 secretary@blythvalleyscouts.org.uk