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Blyth Valley Focus - Issue 6

posted 19 Oct 2015, 09:27 by Stu Bennett
Welcome to the 6th edition of the Blyth Valley Focus. A communication.on tool to advise and inform all members and supporters of Blyth Valley.  

Award Presentations (since last issue of BV Focus)

I am pleased to announce the following awards: Long service :- 
Gerry Sothcott. (30), Brian Capstick (30), Ray Hobbs (30), shaun Barkley (20), Sue Jackson (15), Graham Atkinson (15), Brenda Falcus (15). 

Apologies if I have missed anyone with long service above 15 years - struggling without a database! 

Wood badge training awards for the following :- Carol Worfell. 
Hopefully more to follow soon ?! 

Queens Scout Awards:- Congratulations to the following for achieving this highest award :- Chris Reay, Michael Blewitt, Stu Bennett

Gang Show 2015 -  27th to 31st October
New venue Seaton Delaval Arts Centre. Tickets on sale now from the Arts Centre website or via the Gangshow team. Get your whole group there and see a great show put on by your young people. 

District Leader Changes 
Hopefully a new DC will be announced soon.

Census & Membership
From 2016 there will be no fees for adults. This will impact on increased costs for the young people.

Network program re-boot in May 2015
* All 18-25 year old will be enrolled
* 3 program areas - adventure, international and skills 
* New digital platform for communication 

The District needs a Network Commissioner to push this section forward. Fancy a challenge? Get involved.

Program refresh

DBS checks 
Struggling with DBS checks? Give Doug Mitchley a call.  

Million Hands 
Have you signed up to this community impact project? Get involved

Reminder that all incidents involving emergency services must be reported to HQ. Tel 0845 3001818 A form will then be sent out for completion.

Future dates 
District Gangshow — 27th to 31st Oct, 2015 Arts Centre, Seaton Delaval. Remembrance Sunday - 8th November 2015 
Carol service - 2nd December 2015 

Still in training? Wood badge overdue? Dust off that file and get cracking. Help available if needed. I don’t want to have to cancel any roles!! From 1st January 2016 it will be mandatory for all Exec members to complete a new Module 1. This will be via face to face training only. 

Cub Adventure (Cub 100) 
Resources available to celebrate 100 years of cub Scouts. 2016 will see 3 focal points: 1. Thanks event early in 2016. 
2. Adventure camp (Marra Camp for Northumberland) 
3. Promise parties at 16 minutes past 7 on Dec 16th.

County will be asking for 2 signed kneckers from each pack for an event.
County cub pack Selfie competition — closing date 1st December 2015

County News 
New County Commissioner:- Michael Wood-Williams

Adventurous ac.tivites
Remember, all adventurous activities must be reported to the DC prior to the event. (As per NAN forms). Need a permit? Contact Graeme Popay at County. 

Neal Armiger
District Commissioner
Blyth Valley Scout District